About Button 2 Bugatti

What is the Challenge?
Firstly, thank you for visiting the site and showing an interest in what I am doing. My name is Kieran and I am undertaking a fairly unique form of fundraising – a ‘trade up challenge’ that will hopefully raise £1 million for Stand Up To Cancer.

So what is a trade up? It’s a concept not particularly well known within the UK, but has been done with some real success within the U.S. You start with a small value item and you trade it for something of an increased value. You then continue to repeat that process until you get to your end goal. My challenge is to trade items from a button, all the way up to…. a Bugatti (as the name suggests). Why a Bugatti? Well, the resale value of a second-hand Bugatti is around the £1 million mark in the UK, but I am aware that for a brand new one, the value can be in excess of this value by a considerable amount. It is a hugely ambitious challenge, but one I would LOVE to be successful in achieving. Because trade up challenges are not as popular within the UK at this time, I have slightly adapted the challenge to allow for trades, sales of items and other unique forms of fundraising e.g. raffling off one of the items to raise even more money towards the challenge.

Why have you decided to support Stand Up To Cancer? Well as if 2020 wasn’t bad enough for most people with the Covid-19 pandemic, right? Surely you would expect that things can only get better. How wrong could I be!

2021 has been incredibly tough for me personally, but for also a lot of close friends and family too…. and cancer has been central to majority of the negative things that have happened. From the terminal diagnosis of family friends, numerous family member’s undergoing investigations for different cancers and my own skin cancer diagnosis in March 2021, it has been a year I would happily forget!

From my own health perspective, I have recently been given the all clear following treatment and will undergo regular monitoring, which is fantastic news (especially as I am a father to 2 young girls)… but I found myself feeling guilty that my experience had been positive when some of our close friends were not getting the same positive outcome.

It would be so easy to let all of the negative experiences eat away at me, but I knew I wanted to do something positive with these experiences and try and do something which could help prevent others from feeling the emotional stress, the strain, physical pain and much more in the future.

Stand Up To Cancer partner with Cancer Research UK and the aim is to fund research projects and clinical trials that will help bring new treatments and technology to people with cancer and will ultimately save more lives.

It’s a shocking statistic that 1 in 2 people in the UK, will be diagnosed with cancer within their lifetime, which means nearly every single one of us will be impacted in some way.

So how is the challenge going? This seems to have really captured some peoples imagination so far but there is still a long way to go! Within just the first few months of this challenge I went from a button to several higher value items including;
• A Brand New PS5
• A Brand New Smeg Espresso Machine & Le Creuset Set
• A Brand New Ooni Karu 12 (multi-fuel) Pizza Oven
• And a few other items too

How can I get involved?
There are several ways in which you could get involved with this challenge. You could:

• Offer a trade for any of the items (see Items for Trade/Sale page) – I am open to all suggestions!
Be as creative as you like – consideration will be given for any items or offer of services.
However, please be aware that any offer must be:

   * Of a higher value than the item you wish to trade for
   * The item you offer must be in good/excellent condition
   * I must feel there is a tradable market for what is offered

• Offer to purchase any of the items – Please just remember I am raising money for Stand Up To Cancer!

• Donate items to the trade up (see Donate page for more details)

• Donate money to my JustGiving page (see Donate page for details)

• Spread the word! This challenge is on social media (links are in the contact page), so please check out the Vlogs (Video Logs) and don’t forget to like, share, comment on posts and follow to raise as much awareness of this challenge as possible! The more people who know, the more chance of success this challenge has!

Thank you all for your support!

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